PolycletosThe sculptures which have survived show that in Pompeii there was a preference for statues of a small size, given that they were designed for ornamental purposes, to be incorporated into rooms and gardens, to embellish fountains, atria or tablinia. The large statues, those that is which had a commemorative function, were for the most part situated in the Forum. The favoured material was bronze, although there are plenty of small masterpieces in marble, tuff and terracotta. "The dancing Faun", the "Drunken Silenus" and the "Wild boar under attack" are some of the pieces which combine with the freshness and immediacy of their design an exquisite workmanship. A special mention should be given to the "Doryphorus", a beautiful copy of a splendid Greek sculpture. There are various fragments of statues originating for the most part from the area of the Forum and from the temples dedicated to the Capitoline Triad.

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