Tickets for Galleria Borbonica: Guided Tour

Come and discover the amazing masterpiece of underground civil engineering in Naples on a fascinating tour that will take you back in time... underground!

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Explore rooms connected to the ancient history of the Bubble Aqueduct and admire the wonders hidden beneath the earth's surface. You will witness fragments of huge statues standing next to vintage cars and motorbikes, buried beneath the debris, authentic testimonies of bygone eras.
This tour is suitable for visitors of all ages, especially those with even the slightest interest in history. A visit to the Galleria Borbonica will allow you to immerse yourself in the history of the Neapolitan area. You will be guided through a unique experience that will show you the traces of Naples' development over thousands of years. Discover how ancient history intertwines with the world of vintage cars and enjoy the beauty of one of the city's most special places.

Important information
The entrance includes a 90-step staircase.

Wheelchair-accessible only 60% of the way, entering from the entrance on Via D. Morelli, 61 (pedestrian entrance to Morelli car park)

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