Vesuvius Herculaneum

Visit Vesuvius and the city of Herculaneum submerged by flows of Vesuvian pyroclastic material in 79 AD brought to light by Amedeo Maiuri between 1927 and 1960.

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You will reach the summit of Vesuvius at an altitude of 1000 meters and continue on foot for one kilometer up to the Gran Cono, put on comfortable shoes, the climb is tiring but it's worth it, enjoy the view over the Gulf of Naples. From the top of Vesuvius you can see the islands of Capri and Ischia, the coast of Naples and the Sorrento coast ... a real spectacle. An alpine guide will accompany you to the Gran Cono illustrating the various geological phases of the most famous volcano in the world. Descending from Vesuvius you will be accompanied to the excavations of Herculaneum where you can quickly access the archaeological area thanks to the "Skip the line" ticket.

What is included

  • Skip the line ticket for Vesuvius
  • Skip the line ticket for Herculaneum
  • Small group round trip transportation from Naples
  • Pick up from the meeting point

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